With more than 50 years experience, CIBT and its subsidiary VisaCentral have become the largest and most well-established travel visa and passport company in the world.

Last year alone they assisted nearly one million people in obtaining the documents required for international travel. Using CIBT/VisaCentral is the fast and easy way to obtain a necessary visa, passport, and other documents for travel anywhere in the world including popular destinations such as China, India, Russia, Australia, and Saudi Arabia.

Clients include individual travellers, employees of the world’s largest corporations, and customers of cruise lines, tour operators, and travel management companies. Over two-thirds of FORTUNE 500 companies and the world’s largest tour operators and cruise lines utilise their services.

Quite simply, CIBT and its subsidiary VisaCentral have the required tools, experience, and global network to effectively reduce the time associated with obtaining travel documents and legalisations.