Helping students get where they want to go


Stephanie O’Reilly of online specialists, Everywhere Travel Ltd, visited South & City College in Birmingham as part of an industry week* that saw business leaders share their experiences from the ‘coal face’.

She talked through her career so far and her role at Everywhere Travel (which has recently become more consumer facing after specialising in travel operations for an exclusive members group) and some 40 travel and tourism students got the low down on the challenges out there, but also some handy hints and tips on making the grade.

Manei Aldhubab (age 22) commented: “I found it really interesting to learn how different types of people have started in the travel and tourism industry and what level of jobs they have now achieved. I hope I can do the same in the not too distant future.”

Zeinab Rashid (age 19) said: “Stephanie’s talk has been very helpful in giving me a proper introduction to the different types of travel companies and I have gained a lot more knowledge and insight about working in the tourism industry – I really enjoyed it”.

Lucy Carew, a travel and tourism tutor at the college, said: “The talk was very well received and I think because Stephanie’s quite young and has already achieved so much, it has encouraged our students to believe that if they work hard and persevere they can achieve their dream travel and tourism job sooner rather than later.”

Stephanie added: “The students asked some really interesting and thought provoking questions and had obviously done their homework; I was impressed. It’s always a pleasure helping and inspiring youngsters to get into an industry that I truly believe in and am passionate about – because that’s how I started, asking lots of questions.”

*The industry week was part of South & City College’s InBusiness Network initiative, which works with local companies to encourage interaction with students and develop their employability and entrepreneurial skills.