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It’s all about the preparation – and we left no stone unturned for Birmingham City Football Club when arranging pre-season training in Tenerife.

That meant costing flights, luggage allowances and extra leg room, plus quoting four options on suitable accommodation (and nutrition) for 40 athletes on a full board basis.

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We also looked into the hiring of the training ground in Tenerife, plus the associated transfers. The pitches needed to be FIFA accredited, so all things considered we proposed the ‘T3’ services, which offer friendly games against local teams, towels, water, ice, sports equipment (balls, jumps, cones, shirts, goalpost, ladders), massage if required and ice bath.

Premier League teams Manchester City, Everton and Newcastle United have previously used the T3 training ground services – only the best for our boys!

This season we are also the travel providers for Birmingham City Football Club, which means arranging a suitable squad base for every away fixture across Britain and all the logistics that go with it.

This can be a day let or overnight stay, but involves identifying and vetting suitable venues (we do several options per match), making provisional bookings and sorting breakfast, pre-match meal, lunch and dinner. We also make sure the hotel offers a gym and Wi-Fi/Sky Sports access within the club’s designated meeting room – which needs to be theatre style.

Most hotels offer a separate entrance for the team to use and have a point of contact at the hotel if any issues occur, so we arrange all this, plus a rooming list and hotel key cards prior to arrival. Contracts and pro-forma invoices are then sorted and we stay in regular touch with the chosen hotel, right up until match day, to ensure the club’s stay runs smoothly.

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